Dryer Vent System Maintenance
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Our Business

At LintFreeHawaii, our business is maintaining the efficiency of your dryer and maximizing the life of your dryer system. We are a local "Kamaaina" company, located on the Windward Side of the Oahu. We are licensed and insured in the state of Hawaii. All of our technicians are certified under the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

The average household with a clothes dryer will clean out their dryer's lint screen before or after each use. This helps in removing some of the lint accumulation within your dryer vent system. Some may utilize a "do-it-yourself-kit" and purge lint out of the dryer ducts. This would work good for about 10 - 15 ft., as what most kits would provide for. These basic cleaning measures are good. However, a lot of properties, particularly the townhouse may carry dryer vent runs up to 25 ft. or longer. According to the CSIA code, the length should be no longer than 25 ft. The longer the run, the bigger the job (the dryer has to push out lint). Thus, accumulation of lint becomes increasingly apparent.

Our Services

Most people don't think about dryer vent maintenance until their dryers struggle to do their jobs. If your dryer takes two to three cycles to dry a load of laundry, your dryer duct system is likely clogged with lint and debris. However this may be only one of numerous reasons for dysfunctional dryer vent. Other causes of a deficient vent system could be attributed to: 1) a break (separation) in the vent run. 2) The termination exit flap is sealed tight (closed) because of i.e., recent roofing work or fallen debris anchoring down the exit flap. 3) Birds or rodents nesting at the exit or in the exit. All of this brings up a "hot topic", fire. The elements' creating this is simple: Lint and an overworked dryer that has no air to breathe.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates there are over 15,000 fires in the U.S. each year due to dryers Lint being the primary fuel. Keeping your dryer vent as "lint free" as possible is a small but invaluable investment. This also brings savings, cutting down on electricity consumption. According to HECO (Hawaiian Electric Company), clothes dryers are one of the top contributors in the consumption of electricity in a household.


  • "their attention to detail and professionalism is above standards"
  • "Resident dryers that were struggling to dry began drying as they should; in one cycle."
  • "the potential fire hazard caused by a clogged dryer vent is minimized or virtually eliminated"
  • "Their rates for cleaning are very reasonable"
  • "Clayton, of Lint Free Hawaii, replaced a poorly working 'through the floor vent' with a very professional, yet surprisingly affordable system
  • "I am very happy with his responsiveness and follow-up service."